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What We See From Our Windows!

Mrs McVittie used a drawing app on her iPad to draw her view. She is loving getting outside to her hammock with a good book and a cup of coffee. (As always P4McV!) You can see River and Echo - her dogs. Echo is hoping for some play time and River just wants to sleep!


Mrs Tate used photograph as her medium for her view. She has lots of fields around her house, and her dog is enjoying lots of running around time!


Mrs Baird also has some fields near her house, and is loving visiting all the animals nearby! Maybe she'll show us some more over the next little while as we explore our new topic!


Mrs English used colouring pencils to draw her view. She is also spending time outside, and her children are enjoying playing in the garden! Look at those gorgeous flowers she's growing!


Mr Manogue loves the cherry tree in his garden. The blossoms are starting to drop and be replaced by leaves. He loves to sit under the tree and listen to the bees buzzing around the flowers.


What can you see from your window? How will you choose to remember it? A drawing app, a photograph, pencils and paper - have you got paint, or some glue for a collage? Could you make a 3d model? Use your imagination - and create the view from your window!