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We can group or sort minibeasts by their type. Generally we look at their body parts to help us do this!


The word 'insect' means a minibeast that has three main body parts and 6 legs. Some minibeasts called 'arachnids' have 8 legs. (If you are in Mrs McVittie's P4 class then you will know she doesn't like this kind! You might even have had to catch one and put it outside for her!) Some minibeasts have wings, some have shells, some have no legs at all!


The activities here will help you look at minibeasts closely and start to sort them or group them.


Perhaps you could write the name of some minibeasts on bits of scrap paper, and sort them in different ways. (6 legs, less than 6 legs, more than 6 legs, spots, stripes, wings, no wings...). A Venn diagram or a Carroll diagram would be good for this!