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World Around Us

What have you learnt?

Have a think waaaaaaay back to when we began this topic. You made a mind map of all the facts you knew about birds, bugs and beasts - and maybe thought of some things you wanted to find out. 


We looked at how to classify animals - remember MR FAB?!


We talked about animals and where they live - their habitats, and visited some animals on a virtual zoo visit.


We took part in an experiment to see how some animals have adapted to the habitats they live in, and talked about food chains.


We identified minibeasts and even went on our own minibeast hunts


We also looked at which animals are endangered and some of the reasons why. 




- Make a powerpoint / keynote presentation / book creator book with some of the information you learnt.


- Share your knowledge! Can you send this information to a family member? Maybe a cousin or a grandparent would love to see what you've learnt! (Send it to us too!)


- build animals out of lego and label their key features


- Take some of these online quizzes!


- Watch some animal documentaries on BBC iPlayer. David Attenborough has lots to teach you!