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World Around Us - History

Houses from past

Watch PowerPoint on homes from past.

Can you spot houses in your area that were built in the past?

Watch Magic Grandad as he explores what it was like to live a long time ago.

BBC Watch Magic Grandad - In the Kitchen

Copyright BBC

BBC Watch Magic Grandad - Bathtime

Copyright BBC



uICT Retell The Three Little Pigs- Alternative ending

Using the alternative ending can you make a short film? If you have a tablet you could film it or if you want you could download the PuppetPals app or iMotion app and make a film. 

Watch the video showing you how to use PuppetPals.


World Around Us - Art
Follow the instructions in the presentation to create a collage of your house, try to talk about the 2D shapes you are using.



Use the code XA2048 to login to Twinkl and try the music app. Can you play one of the songs?You can change the instrument to glockenspiel so it’s just like in class. 



Watch the video about the Wise and Foolish builders. Why was the man who built his house on the rock wise? How can we talk about this in our normal lives?

Wise and Foolish Builders

The Bible story from Mathew 7:24-27 retold with Legos.

Teach your family one of our favourite assembly songs.

The Building Song (Lyric Video)