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House and homes project

See attached letter for an exciting project! Don't forget to email your teachers your finished creations! We can't wait to see them!

Can you build your own house? See the letter attached explaining a project to be completed over the next few weeks,
Have a look at how houses around the world are different for some inspiration. 


Story Time: The Gingerbread Man

Watch the story of The Gingerbread Man. Can you learn the song? 


This will help you with your literacy later in the week.

Gingerbread man song

A catchy song based on a traditional tale suitable for young children and anyone young at heart!




Can you make a presentation on different types of houses? You can use pic collage, book creator or PowerPoint. If you don't have these you could draw and label the different types of houses. 


Draw a plan of your house


Use the code XA2048 to login to TwinklGo, click on the link below and once you are on Twinkl go page click sign in and enter code and try the music app. Can you play one of the songs? Have your perfected last week's song? Can you try another one? You can change the instrument to glockenspiel so it’s just like in class. 


Sarah and the Whammi


Go to Family Unit 1 and complete task 1 of Sarah and the Whammi, how does Sarah feel about her family?