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Story Time

Watch the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Can you tell someone else the story?

This will help you with your literacy tomorrow and Thursday.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Give Us A Story!



Hopefully you've have the chance to make a start on your house projects. The teachers can't wait to see them, remember to ask a grown-up to email a picture of your marvellous creation when it's finished! Teacher's email address are on the attached letter. 


Great Fire of London 

Watch PowerPoint on Great Fire of London.

Complete PowerPoint quiz

Enjoy a story about Sammy the Stray- ask a grown-up to help read the story.

Look at the map of London to see how far the fire spread.

If you want you can print out and make your own house from the time of The Great Fire of London

Parts of a house


Look at the powerpoint and get ideas for how to create a pic collage for parts of your house



Virtual Sports Day

Have you registered your child  to log activities which start this week in preparation for our Virtual Sports Day on 13th June. Just click on the link below if you haven't and download the free HealthyKidz app:


This week's activities are: Welly Boot Toss and the Superstrong Challenge.

If you don't have a welly boot, a large shoe  or a boot would do the trick for the Welly Boot Toss.


Healthy Kidz Virtual Sports Day - Welly Boot Toss

Healthy Kidz Virtual Sports Day - Superstrong Challenge