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Story Time - Little Red Riding Hood

Can you tell the story to someone in your house?

This will help you with your literacy later in the week.

Little Red Riding Hood | Fairy Tales | Gigglebox

When Little Red Riding Hood arrives at Grandmas cottage, there's someone BIG, HAIRY and very, very SCARY waiting in Granny's bed... Will Little Red Riding Ho...


Materials in your House
Look at the powerpoint to see different materials that you can find around your house
Materials Pic Collage

Can you now create a pic collage of different materials you can find at home? 

Here is one to give you ideas.


Map Drawing - Your Street

Watch this video about map drawing.

Now watch the PowerPoint

Map drawing

Can you draw a map of your local area? Your Street? Use GoogleMaps to help. Remember to draw your map from above. 



ICT- online safety

See website for ideas and activities for staying safe online. 

PE - Sports Day
This week's activities are: Marathon Challenge and Create your own obstacle Course.

Week 4 - Marathon Challenge

Week 4 - Obstacle Course


PDMU - Family

Draw a picture of your family and answer the questions on your worksheet.

What is a family?

What different types of families are there?

Who is in your family?

Why is your family special?


What has your family done to help each other while school has been closed?

Can you think of ways you could help the adults in your house?


Can you design a kindness chart and tick off, over the next week, when you have been kind? See the example and some ideas below.


Look at the interview you did in Tuesday’s literacy, did you find out more about your family?