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Ancient Egypt

This short video is a brief whirl through Ancient Egypt! Perhaps by the end of the topic you could try to create your own version!

Lesson 1: The Three Kingdoms


Historians divide the 3000 years of Ancient Egypt into 3 kingdoms, the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom (imaginative names, I know!).



Using the PowerPoint and flashcards to help, your task is to create your own timeline of Ancient Egypt.

Timeline Checklist

  • At least 10 events
  • Chronological order (the bigger the BC number the further ago it was, 1250 BC was earlier in time than 50 BC)
  • Show when each of the 3 kingdoms began


A reminder of how to organise dates on a timeline

Lesson 2: Pharaohs


During the three kingdoms many Pharaohs (Egyptian kings & queens) ruled. In fact there were at least 256 different Pharaohs that ruled Ancient Egypt.



Create a short fact file on an Egyptian Pharaoh

The resources below will help your task


Horrible Histories - The Pharaoh Report