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As this week includes a bank holiday there is just one WAU lesson on Egyptian mummification! Enjoy learning all about this strange and famous practice!

Egyptian Mummification


The pyramids show us how important the afterlife was to Egyptians, they were very concerned about what happened to them after they died! Linked to this is the famous process of mummification.


What is a mummy?

A mummy is a body that has been preserved after death, it could be a human or an animal.


Why did they make mummies?

The Egyptians believed that when they died their soul left their bodies. After they were buried their soul would return and together with the body would live forever in the afterlife when the world had ended. Unless their body was preserved, it would be no good in the afterlife.


Do remember that you got to see a real Egyptian mummy? When we were at the Ulster Museum we got to see the mummy of Takabuti!

How did they make mummies?


It was a long and expensive process, only the rich Egyptians could afford to do it! Have a watch at this Horrible Histories song to find out more about it!


You can also watch the other video and download the PDF to learn more about making a mummy.

Horrible Histories - Making a Mummy | Horrible Songs | Awful Egyptians

See how bodies were mummified during the great Egyptian era in this hilarious Horrible Histories song!

Mummification (How an Ancient Egyptian Mummy was Made)

Science Experiment Time!

It was really important to make sure the body was dried out properly so it didn't rot. Have a go at your own mummification process by using a piece of fruit. See the instructions below.


**Remember to make sure it is a fair test e.g. keep both bits of fruit in the same place and make sure they are the same size**