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Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Both our activities this week focus on the gods and goddesses of the Ancient Egyptians. The Ancient Egyptians were polytheists, that means the believed in more than one god (poly means many, theist means god). In fact they believed in over 2,000 gods. Each god was in charge of something different in life such as the river, farming and war. Let's learn some more about it!


Activity 1) Click on the BBC Bitesize link for a great song, information about Egyptian gods and goddesses and some tasks.


Activity 2) Watch the Horrible Histories song, read the PDF about Egyptian gods and goddesses and complete the "Make your own Egyptian god" task. 

Activity 1
Activity 2

Want to learn even more about these gods and goddesses, check out this PDF

Horrible Histories - Egyptian Gods and The Devourer - YouTube

A funny Horrible Histories video. Let it help you as you think about designing your own Ancient Egyptian god or goddess.

Task - Create your own Ancient Egyptian god or goddess

1.Design and draw your god

*Many Egyptian gods were half human and half animal, what the animal was like reflected what the god could do. You can use one of the phrases below to help you design your god.


Grumpy as a Bear

Clever as a Coyote

Quiet as a Mouse

Busy as a Beaver

Sly as a Fox

Brave as an Eagle

Patient as a Vulture

Blind as a Bat


2. Decide what your god stands for - school, friendship, fun, homework, good advice, or whatever you choose. Describe your god’s job, what your god protects (or whom) and what or whom your god punishes.


3. Give your god one or two supernatural abilities that will help that god or goddess to do their job well, like being able to see in the dark or never sleeping.


An extra challenge...

Write a short paragraph about what your god can do or you could write a story about them!


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