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Become the Expert!

We have learnt so much about Ancient Egypt over the last 9 weeks (crazy I know!). It is now your turn to show off how much you know. We would like you to try to make a short video of your own "A kid explains Ancient Egypt". 


Step 1) Rewatch the video

Step 2) Choose 5 to 10 of your favourite facts about Ancient Egypt and write them down.

Step 3) Practise what you are going to say in your video you could you phrases like 

  • Did you know...
  • Another interesting fact is...
  • My favourite thing about Ancient Egypt is...
  • One of the most amazing things about Ancient Egypt is...

Step 4) Camera and action! Record your video, you could use props to help you.

Step 5) If you want you could try editing your video e.g. add in some text but you don't have to!

Step 6) Watch it and check you are happy with your work

Step 7) Send it to us at and you could also share it with your friends and family so they can also learn all about Ancient Egypt!


Looking forward to seeing your videos!