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Painting the River Nile

The river Nile was a key feature of Ancient Egypt giving life to this ancient civilisation.  The river was highly thought of by the Egyptians and found a place in lots of their artwork and even into their religion. Sobek was the god of the Nile.


Time to get your art supplies out and create your own drawing or painting of the river Nile. Watercolour paints would make a great medium to recreate this landscape of the Nile but any paints, crayons or colouring pencils will do.


You can follow the step by step guide below for some extra tips! Remember to think about spacing and the different colours you can see.

Step 1) Make sure your page is landscape. Sketch a line across the middle and two lines on either side. This will create zones for the river, sand, trees and sky.

Step 2) Sketch the boat sitting at the edge of the river and sand

Step 3) Sketch some trees in the band between the sand and sky

Step 4) Colour the sand using yellows and browns *if using watercolour remember more water will create a paler colour.

Step 5) Paint in the sky (remember lots of shades of blue and a swirling for the clouds)

Step 6) Add trees and bushes in various shades of green

Step 7) Paint the river using blues and greens. Paint in the boat.


Finally - Look at your amazing work!