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The Prince of Egypt - When you believe 


For our final music activity we are back to developing our singing! Singing involves lots of parts of our body; our lungs, throats, tongues, diaphragm, vocal chords, lips. They all need warmed up to help you sing. It is best to stand or sit up straight when you are singing to allow strong breaths and don't forget to move those lips and that tongue to make sure all the words are clear.


Use the two warm up videos below to develop your singing before our final task.

Fun Singing Warm up!

Pop It On The Head With A Ping Pong Ball!

Since we have been learning all about Egypt in WAU and Moses in RE, this is from The Prince of Egypt (a movie all about Moses' life). This is one of Mrs McDonnell's favourite ever songs and she would love to hear you sing it (P5 are incredible singers!). After you learn the song why not video yourself singing part or all of the song and send it to Enjoy! 

The Prince of Egypt - When you believe Lyric video