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Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on Art activities that link with our new topic, ‘Natural Disasters’. I hope that you enjoyed making the Layers of the Earth craft activity last week and that it helped you to understand a little more about how our world works. The Art lesson this week involves painting. Get your artistic hats on!


Lesson 2 – Painting a volcano

In this lesson you will paint a picture of a volcano. In the PowerPoint below you will see some of the most famous paintings of volcanoes. Take time to look at these and ask yourself the following questions: What can you see? What was the focus of the work? Why does the artist select that particular viewpoint? How has the artist used line, colour and pattern in the work? You may want to try and copy one of these pictures, or just use them as inspiration for painting your own volcano.

Step 1 -  Open the ‘Famous Volcano Paintings’ PowerPoint. Take time to look at each of the paintings

Step 2 – Begin painting your picture of a volcano

*Do not panic by thinking that your painting has to be exactly like one of the pictures in the PowerPoint. Give it your best shot and most importantly, enjoy it!