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Cycling Proficiency

Cycling Proficiency Club will begin in the summer term. This club will run on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. The club is open to P6 pupils. The Cycling Proficiency Club teaches children who can already ride a bicycle, how to do so more safely. It covers what to wear, bicycle maintenance and the rules of the road. It also allows children to try cycling manoeuvres in a safe environment. Manoeuvres include starting off, slowing down, stopping and parking, turning right and left, overtaking parked cars, passing side roads and carrying out emergency stops safely. This club will take place either in the playground or in Mrs English's room on the Beersbridge school site and children should wear appropriate clothing to stay warm in cold weather.

Pupils participating are required to bring their bicycle and helmet each week. We can arrange for the bicycles to be securely stored on the school grounds during school hours. There will be assessments carried out throughout. Pupils who pass the course will receive certification to show they have safely completed the course. Helmets should be brought to school each week and left in Mrs English's classroom.

The dates for the club are as follows:


The time is 3-4pm on the Beersbridge school site.

As there will be no patrolman on duty please make suitable going-home arrangements with your child from the Beersbridge site.