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Leah Murdoch (1971 - 1975)

I have thoroughly enjoyed this website. What memories it brings back!! I have thought about many of my old school friends often over the years and thought I would never hear from any of them again.
I was at Elmgrove for about 4 or 5 years - up until 1975. My sisters Debbie and Karen also attended. I don't think any of my older sisters went there (Miriam, Pam, Susie or Colleen)
After Elmgrove, I passed my 11-plus and went to Grosvenor but after about a year and a half moved to Antrim and went to Antrim Grammar where I did my GCE O'Levels. Despite my rebellious nature, I managed to pass with 7 O'Levels!! Shortly after I finished my O'Levels, my family moved to Canada, where I have lived ever since.
I have not had any formal post-secondary education, but have had some pretty good jobs in Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario. I got married in 1986 to Paul (a Canadian) and now have 4 children ages 11, 10, 5 and 3. In 1990 we decided I would quit work and stay home to care for our children full time. So I am what we call "a stay-at-home mom". 
Any of you who remember me from those days will be surprised to know that I also have become a born-again Christian!!! This happened about 9 years ago.
I have many fond memories of Elmgrove. My favourite teacher to this day is Miss Hunniford!! I would love to hear from her if any of you know how to contact her, please let me know. I also remember Mr. Grant, of course, and Mr. McCallion ("Scallion").
Has anyone kept in touch with Stephen Richie, Mark Templeton, Arlene Dawson, Linda McCartney, Caroline Gaw, Sharon Legg, Michelle Morris? 
The 1975 concert photo is priceless! I have this very same photo somewhere and I will find it and see if I can put any more names to the faces. The ones I know are: ME (Leah Murdoch) - I am the second from left in the front row in the purple dress. I remember Roberta Neill very well and am sending her an e-mail tonight. to the left of Roberta might be Arlene Dawson? Second from the right in the front row I think is Linda McCartney. 6th from left in front row is Bernice Johnson or Johnston - I don't know how I remember some of this after such a long time. Look at the dwarf with his arm up blocking a giril in a white dress. To the left of the girl in the white dress is Caroline Gaw - I remember Caroline very well!! She was a good friend. As someone else mentioned, this was a play of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The choir sang throughout the play or at the end. That is why we were dressed up, but not in costume - we just had to look fancy!!
Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane. I would love to hear from some of the old friends from Elmgrove Primary. Does anyone remember that the art room was haunted? I used to be terrified to go in there!! Did they put the toilets indoors yet? I remember freezing having to go outside to the loo!!

Leah Murdoch (now Murdoch-Gerics)