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Mental Maths

This week we are going to try something a little bit different for Mental Maths. We have uploaded a maths video from I See Maths for each day. These tasks are very open ended they all relate to last week's shape topic. Get yourself some scrap paper and a pencil at the ready. It may be useful to complete these challenges with an adult.


Day 1

Describe, Visualise, Draw, Y3 & Y4

To introduce our shape videos, we are describing, visualising and drawing shapes. A great challenge to extend spatial reasoning for children in P4.

Day 2

Shapes: Odd One Out, Y3 & Y4

Here we look at a range of shapes and see if we can explain why each one could be the odd one out. A great way for children in P4 to explore shape properties.

Day 3

Guess the Shape, Y3 & Y4

Today we play guess the shape, where children think about the similarities and differences between shapes to guess the mystery shape.

Day 4

Shape Properties, Y3 & Y4

In this video we compare a range of shapes and look at the properties that they have in common. There are lots of possible answers.