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Carnival of the Animals

Camille Saint-Saens' Carnival of the Animals, hosted by Gary Burghoff (1985)

We will be looking at a piece of music called "The Carnival of the Animals" over the next few weeks! It is a very old and a very famous piece of music. It's also very long - but broken up into lots of different sections. In each section the composer has tried to make some music that might remind you of a certain animal. 


This week is about listening and appraising. 


This just means listening to the music and forming some opinions! You might want to use the video and the powerpoint together to match the animal to the music. Talk about whether or not you think it sounds like the animal. What did you see in your head when the music played? If you were a composer... what would you change?


Mrs McVittie loves 'The Elephant' and 'The Aquarium'. 'The Aquarium' makes her think of Harry Potter for some reason! Which one is your favourite? Why?




This piece is written for and performed by an orchestra. Can you identify some of the instruments in the video, or when you listen?


Do some research into the composer, Camille Saint-Seans. What can you learn about him?