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Composition Time!

Listen to your favourite pieces from Carnival of the Animals one more time.


Think of a totally different animal - maybe your favourite? On a bit of paper write down some words to describe them. How do they move? Are they fast or slow, heavy or light? Do they fly, walk, slide or crawl? What kind of things do they like to do? How can you show this through sounds?


You're going to have to get creative... You're not in school with the instrument trolley! What things around the house can make noises? Can you bang saucepan lids? Click clothespegs? Maybe even make your own instruements?! You have yourself too - use your hands, feet or voice!


Mrs McVittie would choose a penguin. She thinks she'd find ways to make sounds to represent the penguin waddling, sliding on the ice and diving into the water. She might try and use the bath or sink to make sliding noises - adding water to make diving noises!