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The Wolf and Peter | Digital Season

Told through the eyes of the Wolf, this energetic work from internationally acclaimed CoisCĂ©im Dance Theatre is inspired by one of Prokofiev's most famous scores...

Music inspires lots of responses - maybe it makes you feel something, make it makes your body want to tap or move or sway... and maybe it makes you want to create!


'Peter and the Wolf' has inspired lots of other musicians, dancers and artists. Choreographers have used ballet to retell the story, Russian artists have painted what they think Peter and the wolf might looked like.


Watch the piece above from the Sydney Opera House, and then think... how could you respond to the music? 


Maybe you could make up a dance for one of the characters, maybe you want to use puppets to retell the story, maybe you want to write a story inspired by it, or paint a picture or use Scratch Jr to code a scene?! The possibilities are endless!