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Find that recorder!

Hopefully by now your recorder skills are really developing! This is our final week of recorder before we take a break from it. Give it your best effort and keep practising.


Make sure when you are playing that

  • Fingers are completely covering the right holes
  • You blow gently
  • You are holding the recorder with your left hand first


Hot Cross Buns

Let's start with one we know! Just uses notes B A G

Mary had a Little Lamb

Hopefully you remember this one too and how to play high D. If you need a reminder check out last week's lesson.

Recorder Basics - E & Low D

Mr. Barnes shows you how to play 1st line E and the D below it.

Preparing for "The Boat Song"

Notes B A G low E

The Boat Song

Perform this song with the notes B A G and low E