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Staying Safe

We hope that the lessons over the next few weeks allow you to open up some important discussions with your kids. We will be looking at safety at home, outside and online. But this week we want to just start introducing the idea of 'safety' and what that means!


We know that having these discussions will:

  • Reduce the likelihood of your child entering into an unsafe situation.
  • Demonstrate how to respond to an unsafe situation.
  • Increase a child’s sense of confidence and in doing so increases their resiliency.
  • Increase a child’s knowledge of their personal rights i.e. “I have the right to feel safe with people”.
  • Increase the likelihood that the child will speak out if they feel unsafe and tell someone they trust.


What do these things have in common?


How do they keep you safe?


What does the word 'safe' mean to you?

You might find it useful to discuss some of the things in the above poster with your child. 


Why not draw or write about some of the things, people or places where you feel safe?