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Road Ready? Expect the Unexpected

This film is to teach children between ages 7 to 12 about road safety. Find out more about road safety education resources for different age groups:



1. Why was the girl about to run across the road without looking?


2. What was Sam's advice?


3. Why is it dangerous to cross in front of a bus?


4. Can you think of a top tip for someone who needs to cross the road after they get off a bus?




- Play the 'Take the Lead' Game 

- Complete the Sustrans 'Big Street Survey'. Walk, scoot or cycle from your house to school. What dangers did you spot? Was there safe places to cross roads? Can you make a map of your journey, or take photos of safe places to cross near our school? Why not take some photos so Mrs McVittie and the Eco Warriors can share this information with the whole school?!




- Make a Road Safety Poster

- Learn the Green Cross Code (and practise it WITH an adult)



Road Safety Song

Delves Primary School, Walsall wrote this song in 2016