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Different Viewpoints

A viewpoint, or perspective, is a person's opinion or point of view. People can have different feelings or thoughts about something depending on how they see the situation. Watch this short video to see how Prince Charming and the Ugly Sister have different view points.



Character Viewpoints

A Key Stage 2 lesson starter looking at the fairytale of Cinderella. The lesson starter explores how characters change during a story, and how they can have very different viewpoints on the same event. It focuses on the ball scene in Cinderella, and features the prince and one of the ugly sisters.

Could you understand how the both the prince and the ugly sister felt even though their opinions were different? Look at the Three Little Pigs PowerPoint and work through the tasks. See if you can rewrite the story making the wolf to seem like the good guy by making the readers understand his point of view. 
How did you get on? Did this task help you to understand how people can have different opinions and see things from a different perspective to us because of their circumstances? Discuss this with an adult.