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Memories of P5

It is hard to believe that Primary 5 is almost over and that in September you will all be starting Primary 6! Although the year hasn't ended the way any of us wanted to or expected we all have a lot of happy memories of P5 together. For PDMU this week we would like you to have a think about all your great memories of the past year, choose one and draw a picture of it (if you would like to do it on our special frame use the template below.)


You might want to draw a specific event like 

  • Trip to the Ulster museum
  • Chest Heart and Stroke workshops
  • Christmas performance
  • Experiments - hand hygiene, egg shell


Or you might want to draw something about P5 that you maybe did a lot of and you really enjoyed

  • Joe Wicks workouts
  • Singing in assembly
  • Art activities
  • TTRS competitions
  • Coding tasks
  • PE activities (swimming, dance, gymnastics)


Or you could draw a memory you have with your friends or with your teacher (like when Mrs McDonnell nearly fell into the bin!!)


We'd love to see your favourite memory of P5. Send them to and Mrs McDonnell will send it to your teacher.