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Anyone else feeling as though their patience is wearing a bit thin?!! Patience is a really important superhero emotion and tricky to grasp.

It's hard to be patient. We tend to think of patience as something we do when in a queue, or waiting for dinner to be ready, or waiting for our turn in a game... But at the minute we're having to practise and use a whole new well of patience inside us - and if you're anything like us teachers, we're sure it has nearly been emptied a few times! We might have all those tricky emotions swirling around inside us making it hard for us to hear or find our patience!


Sarah is going to help us breathe and practise that patience with her challenge. Why not find a song that calms you and do some colouring in when anxiety or frustrations threatens to shout loudest? Or take a look at the checklist and talk with your grown up about which strategies might be useful for you when you need more patience. Mrs McVittie finds loud music and a kitchen dance can be one of the ways she shakes off her frustration and makes room for patience, or a long walk with her doggos!

Patience - Focus Challenge

Get your block, marble or cuddly toy ready and come and practise a little patience with me. Grown ups join in!!!☺