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Parsley Mimblewood is a little girl who has never gone to school! She has always been homeschooled, and she is going to share her advice with us as we also learn "how not to go to school".


Read chapters 1 and 2 of this book with someone at home - don't worry, they're short!

Or watch the author read it here!

Chapter 2- How to look after your grown up!



1. What does kindness mean?


2. Your grown ups at home are finding this strange too. It's new for them, as well as you! They might also be dealing with tricky feelings like worry, fear or sadness. How can you tell if your grown up is experiencing any of these feelings? It's good to be able to recognise emotions in others!


3. What makes your grown up feel better? Last week we looked at what makes you feel better... Go on, ask them!




Think of one thing you can do over the next week to show kindness to your grown up... BUT... keep it a secret! Go on, make it a secret mission! Do one thing that you think will boost their mood this week.

I Am Patient, I Am Kind

Pause, breathe and reset. Ask your grown up to do it with you!