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Peace is a funny word. It can be used to talk about how we feel - a bit like calm or serene, free from any worries. Or it could be used to talk about how people are interacting and getting along - sort of like the opposite of war. 


It's also a funny word because you can't 'see' or 'hold' peace - so it can be hard to imagine. 


In this week's resilience training Sarah talks about how sometimes we have to choose to catch peace. It's a feeling that sometimes means we need to do something in order to feel it! Maybe that's slowing down a little, or making a bit of space in our day for it. 




How would you define peace? What do you think it means if something is peaceful?


What do you notice in your body when you feel at peace? Do your muscles feel loose or tense? What about your brain - is it going at 100 miles an hour? How are you breathing - is this different to normal?




- Breathe with Sarah in the Resilience Training Youtube Video 


- Create a poster. What does peace look like, feel like, smell like, taste like or sound like to you? Put this somewhere that you can return to when you feel those tricky emotions like worry or anger or sadness bubbling up. Peace doesn't take away those feelings, but it helps you to manage them. 


- Unplug for an hour. Do something quiet like reading, drawing, or writing, or colouring, or building with lego! Make some space for peace!



I Have Peace

Let's go to the beach! Sarah takes us to a sandy beach to lead us through the five steps for our resilience training

Stillness - for grown-ups

This is really just for the grownups. It's an invitation to take a few minutes for yourself and breathe a bit deeper. Often this can just feel impossible, but Sarah says, sometimes making space and practising stillness can help.