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Abraham and Isaac and the Missing Lamb

This week's story is not really about an animal... more like the absence of one! 


Long ago, in Bible times, people gave offerings to God to show they loved Him, to thank Him for something, or to say to God “I’m sorry; please forgive me.” These offerings were called a sacrifice. In this Bible story, Abraham and his son Isaac offered a sheep as a very special sacrifice to God...


The Jesus Storybook Bible: The Present - Genesis 22

Abraham, Issac and the Sacrifice.



1. Abraham and his wife Sarah had wanted a baby for years and years and years. Finally they had Isaac! He was so precious to them. Can you make a list of 5 things that you consider to be precious to you - in the same way Isaac was to his parents.


2. What do you think the word sacrifice means? 


3. Are you surprised that Abraham obeyed God - even when God was asking him to do a really hard thing that would make him sad? Why/why not?


4. God stepped in and provided a sheep, because He could see that Abraham really trusted God and was willing to obey Him. How could you show obedience to somebody at home this week?


5. Can you think of a situation where you have needed to sacrifice something? 



Can you use lego or toys to act out and retell the story?