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Jesus Storybook Bible 25: Heaven Breaks Through

The Jesus Storybook Bible Written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by Jago from Cornwall.

This story is about a man who ate a very weird diet - bugs dipped in honey! Watch the video to hear about a man called John!




1. John had a special job. He was a 'prophet'. This meant he gave messages from God to His people. What was the message he delivered in this story?


2.John lived in a desert. The people were so intrigued by him and his lifestyle that they would travel to the desert to hear what he had to say. List 4 adjectives that you could use to describe a desert.


3. Who do you think John was talking about when he said "a rescuer is coming"?


4. Why do you think John was so excited and found it hard to speak when he saw Jesus coming?


5. What is baptism? Do you know anyone who has been baptised?


6. God spoke from Heaven to show how pleased He was with His son. Can you think of a time when you knew your grown up at home was pleased with you?



- Draw a picture of what you think John the Baptist might have looked like


- Eat pretend locusts and honey! Dip pretzels into honey - they're probably a similar crunch!