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The Jesus Storybook Bible 26: Let's Go!

The Jesus Storybook Bible Written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by Jago from Cornwall.



1. What had God sent Jesus to earth to do?


2. Why do you think Satan didn't want God's people to be rescued?


3. Remember when Satan tried to tempt Adam and Eve? Satan tried tempting Jesus in the desert. He told Jesus that God mustn't really love him if He wanted him to die. He offered him lots of things like power - but only if Jesus bowed down to Satan... Do you think Jesus found it easy to resist these temptations. Why / why not?


4. Jesus picked 12 friends or helpers. He called them 'disciples'. What kind of people did he choose?


5. Think about your friends. How do you choose who to play with in class? How would you feel if your best friend only wanted to play with the tallest people, or the cleverest people? How can we make sure that we are welcoming to everyone?



There's lots going on around the world right now. One of the things that has been on the news and social media has been about a man called George Floyd. This Bible story is a good reminder that Christians believe God sent Jesus to rescue His people. ALL His people. No matter what country they live in, or what colour their skin is. When Jesus picked his disciples he chose fishermen and tax collectors. In Bible times the people that did these jobs were thought of by the rest of society as being unimportant or less than. But Jesus didn't think that.


So, the challenge this week is to read a bit of news on George Floyd WITH an adult. You might have questions, or they might want to only show you SOME information. Questions are good, and it's also important to limit the amount of information you read on this to make sure it's appropriate for you.


After you read this you might want to read more. Use the links below to read some stories. Learning more about this important issue is a good place to start!


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