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The Lost Son Running Away



This is a 'parable' - a story that Jesus told to help explain something about God. 


1. Why did the younger son want to leave home?


2. How do you think the father felt when the younger son asked for half the money? What about the older son?


3. Do you think he used the money wisely? Why / why not?


4. If you were the younger son, what would you have done when you had run out of money?


5. Were you surprised that the father was so happy to see his son? Why / why not?


6. The younger son said sorry for the hurt he had caused. Why is saying sorry important?


7. The older son was angry with his father for forgiving the younger son. Do you think he was right to be?


8.. In this story, who do you think each character represents? What do you think this story can tell us about God?


- cut out the sequencing cards, mix them up and rearrange them in the right order

- use the pictures and text boxes to retell the story

- do some colouring to remind you about the story




- Look up some other parables that Jesus told!


- Have you ever needed to say sorry? Why not make a sorry card to give to someone?