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The Jesus Storybook Bible: Filled Full!

Jesus uses one boy's packed lunch to feed a lot of people!



1. This is one of the miracles that Jesus performed. What do you think we mean by the word 'miracle'?


2. How do you think the disciples felt when Jesus told them he could feed all the people with the little boy's packed lunch?


3. Write an account of the story from the boy's point of view. How might he have felt? What might he say? 


4. What do you think the crowd thought about Jesus after he performed the miracle?


5. Jesus did much with very little. It's a good to reminder to use that even though we might not feel like we have many talents, or that we are too little to do anything... we can do a lot of good. Have a think of a way that you could turn your 'little' into a lot. Maybe you can draw pictures for neighbours who are lonely, or bake cookies, or use 10 minutes of your time to tidy your bedroom. Maybe you could write to somebody about an endangered animal or use your voice to stand up for people who need you to. 




- make some playdough and use it to make some loaves and fish. Practise making smaller and smaller fish to see how many you can make!


- make some bubble mixture. See how many bubbles can come from a little mixture!


- do some research. What other miracles did Jesus do?