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The Prince of Egypt - The story of Moses

(Exodus chapters 1 to 14)

Over 300 years have passed since Joseph was second in command in Egypt. Joseph's family, God's people have grown in number and are living happily in Egypt until a new Pharaoh takes the throne. The new Pharaoh didn't like how many Israelites (God's people) there were so devised a wicked plan. 

First Pharaoh made the Israelites to work for him as slaves and then he did something even more horrible! He ordered that every baby Israelite boy was to be killed by throwing them into the river Nile! Had God forgotten his people? They were in desperate need of a deliverer!


One woman hid her little baby son for three months, desperately hoping the Egyptians wouldn't find him. It got harder and harder to keep him hidden so she made him a basket and placed it in the river. The baby's sister kept watch over him and something amazing happened. Watch the video to find out!

The Prince of Egypt (1998) - Deliver Us Scene

Watch this short clip about Moses' mother trying to get him to safety

Wow! Pharaoh's own daughter found Moses and decided she would look after him. Do you want to know the best part? Moses' big sister was watching him all this time and offered to find a nurse for Pharaoh's daughter to help look after the baby. Guess who she went to get? Her mother! Pharaoh's daughter told Moses' mum to look after him and when he was old enough he went to live in the palace with Pharaoh's daughter.



  • Why did Moses' mum put him in the river?
  • Things have gotten pretty bad for God's people, do you think God had forgotten them?
  • Why was it so good that Pharaoh's daughter found Moses? What would it mean?

Task STEM challenge

Make sure Moses' basket floats


You will need

- A basin/ sink of water

- Some tinfoil

- 1p coins or marbles 



  • Using the tinfoil create a basket shape that floats on the water. Add the coins/ marble one by one. How many can the boat hold before sinking?
  • Try the experiment a couple more times each with a different basket shape, write down how many each shape holds.



  • Which basket shape could hold the most before sinking?
  • Why do you think that was?
  • Is it better to have a narrow basket or a wide basket?
  • What shape would you recommend for Moses' basket? Why?