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Religious Education – Bibletime

Over the next few weeks you will be focusing on the life of Joseph. You will be able to access the Bibletime booklet which is made up of four lessons. One lesson only should be completed each week.

I hope that you enjoyed learning about Joseph last week. This week you are going to look at the story of how Joseph was a faithful prisoner.


Lesson 3 – The Faithful Prisoner

Bible Focus : Genesis 39 : 1 – 6 / 19 - 23

Key Verse : Genesis 39 : 21

In this lesson you will learn that although Joseph was far away from home in Egypt, he remained faithful to God even in the most difficult of situations. For Christians, it is clear that God had His eye on Joseph and had a great future in store for him.


Step 1 – Read Genesis 39 : 1 – 6 / 19 - 23 (You can access this by opening the PowerPoint)

Step 2 – Complete Lesson 3 only (The Faithful Prisoner)

*The answers are on a separate document which you will need to open