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The Prince of Egypt - The Story of Moses (Part 3)

Moses had been given a very special task from God to rescue God's people the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Funny enough the Pharaoh wasn't keen on letting them go. God would show Pharaoh His power and sent 10 plagues on the land of Egypt. Watch the clip below...

Plague 1 - The River of Blood

Plagues 2 to 9

The Egyptians could do nothing to stop the frogs or locusts or hail stone and fire. They were powerless.  Each of the plagues were linked to a specific Egyptian god. This was to show that the gods that the Egyptians worshipped weren't real, the true God had come to rescue His people.



Match each plague to an Egyptian god (Download the PDF below)

*Answers are found on the second page*


Pharaoh continued to refuse to let the Israelites go and so God sent one final plague to the land of Egypt.... find out about it next week!