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The Prince of Egypt - The Story of Moses (Part 3)

God had sent 9 terrible plagues on Egypt and still Pharaoh would not let the Israelites go. God would send one more plague to Egypt, a terrible event, the angel of death would be sent to Egypt to kill the oldest son in every house. 


God told His people that for the angel of death to pass over their homes and not touch their sons they would have to do something a little strange. He told them to take a young, perfect lamb and to kill it. The blood of the lamb was then to be put on the door frame so the angel would know that they were God's people and not the Egyptians. The lamb would die so that the sons wouldn't. God also told them to get ready to leave Egypt that very night. Have a watch of the video to see what happened.

The Prince of Egypt (1998) - The Final Plague


The blood of the lamb saved many lives that night. Do you know anyone in the bible that was called "The Lamb of God"?


Christians believe that just as this lamb was killed to save lives, Jesus came many years later to be the lamb of God to save people from their sins.



The Prince of Egypt (1998) - Leaving Egypt

The Israelites (thousands of them) with all their things headed out of Egypt, they were free! God was going to guide them to the promised land! A land were they could live safe and free just as God had promised their forefathers Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph (remember him!). All would happen just as had been promised. God guided them as a pillar of fire by night and a pillar of cloud by day.


Back in Egypt however Pharaoh had changed his mind! He wanted his slaves back. Pharaoh gathered his army and headed out after the Israelites. Watch the next 3 clips and see what happens next.

The Prince of Egypt (1998) - Parting the Red Sea Scene

The Prince of Egypt (1998) - The Egyptians Swept away

The Prince of Egypt (1998) - Final Scene - 1080p


  • How do you think the Israelites felt when they saw the Egyptians coming for them?
  • What do you think it would have been like walking through the Red Sea?
  • How do you think Moses was feeling?
  • Was it easy to trust God?
  • Did God keep His promise to rescue His people?
  • What do you think the people did once they saw the Egyptians defeated?



Pretend you are a young Israelite boy or girl and write a diary entry telling about the tenth plague, the escape from Egypt, crossing the Red Sea and what you hope the promised land will be like.


Include your feelings about leaving, being chased and walking through the sea as well as describing what you see on your journey.

The Israelites praised God for saving them. Here are a couple of colouring pages with the words they would've said to praise God.