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Joseph the Dreamer

 (Genesis chapters 37 to 50) Part 2


When we last saw Joseph he was doing pretty well; he was his dad's favourite, he had a shiny new coat and had been having these strange dreams about his brothers all worshipping him. His brothers weren't too happy, in fact they were so angry at Joseph they did something terrible! Watch the next few clips to find out what happened next....

Joseph - Betrayed by His Brothers

Joseph - Sold Into Slavery Scene


  • Why do you think Joseph's brothers would do something so terrible?
  • What emotions do you think Joseph was feeling?
  • Did you notice how much money they sold Joseph for?


**It wasn't a lot of money they betrayed Joseph for but it is important because someone else in the Bible was betrayed for a similar amount of silver coins. Do you know who? Check out Matthew chapter 26 verse 15 (you can look it up online if you don't have a Bible).

Joseph taken to Egypt and sold as a slave

Joseph was taken to Egypt and sold as a slave to a man called Potiphar. The Bible says that even though Joseph was far from home that God was still with him and helped him. Joseph worked hard in Potiphar's house and became a very trusted slave. Joseph was given lots of things to look after in Potiphar's house and was treated well. 


Then something happened to ruin everything. Potiphar's wife tried to get Joseph to do something bad. He refused and so she lied about him to Potiphar and had Joseph thrown into prison! 


Even in the midst of all the trouble the Bible says that God was with Joseph and that because of God Joseph was treated well by the prison guard and kept safe. Even in the dark prison cell God was with Joseph.



Write a short diary pretending that you are Joseph. Include the following events:

  • Being betrayed by your brothers
  • The journey to Egypt
  • Being sold as a slave
  • Working for Potiphar
  • Ending up in jail 

Don't forget to include lots of adjectives describing what you (as Joseph) might have seen and felt.

Close Every Door

This is a song from the musical about Joseph. This is the song that Joseph sings while in prison. Have a listen and see what emotions you notice. What is Joseph remembering to give him hope?