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Joseph the Dreamer

 (Genesis chapters 37 to 50) Part 3


Picture 1

Well poor Joseph has not had a great time of it. He has been sold as a slave by his own brothers, sent to a country miles from home and then thrown into prison for something he didn't do! Where was God in all of this? Through it all God was with Joseph and as we will see God was working everything out for good!


While in prison, some of the other prisoners had some strange dreams. God told Joseph what these dreams meant.

The Dreamseer Scene

All that God had told Joseph about these two dreams came true. The baker was killed and the butler went back to work for Pharaoh. The butler forgot his promise to tell Pharaoh about Joseph and forgot about him for two whole years!


Two years later Pharaoh started having strange dreams. None of Pharaoh's wise men could tell him what they meant. The butler suddenly remembered about Joseph and his ability to understand dreams. Pharaoh called for Joseph.

Pharaoh's Dreams Scene


  • Did what Joseph say about each dream come true? Why did they come true?
  • What would Joseph's actions mean for the Egyptians?



  • Draw a picture for each of the dreams that we have heard about in this story (there are 5 altogether!)
  • Write a sentence explaining what each dream meant.
Picture 1
Picture 2

Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of organising the food in Egypt. In fact Joseph was the second most powerful man in all of Egypt. It all happened just like Joseph said it would. Seven years of a fantastic harvest, Joseph gathered up the extra and stored it carefully, then seven years of horrible famine. The Egyptians were safe and well fed from Joseph's stores of food.


Back in Canaan, Joseph's brothers and their families were starving. They had heard that there was food in Egypt and so set off to see if they could get some.....



  • How do you think the brothers will feel when they see Joseph?
  • How do you think Joseph might feel when he sees his brothers?
  • Can you remember what was special about the family that Joseph came from?


We'll find out next week!