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Joseph the Dreamer (Genesis chapters 39 to 50) Part 4
Joseph's family in Canaan were starving and so all the brothers apart from Benjamin travelled to Egypt in search of food. Joseph recognised his brothers, but they didn't recognise him. Joseph wanted to see if they were the same men that were cruel enough to sell one of their own brothers into slavery or if they had changed.

Joseph's Brothers Return Scene

Simeon was left behind in Egypt in prison while the rest of the brothers went back to Canaan with food from Egypt. Jacob was very sad when they returned without Simeon and even sadder when the rest of the brothers said that hey had to bring Benjamin with them to Egypt next time if they wanted food. When they got hungry again they returned to Egypt with Benjamin to ask for more food from Joseph. Joseph had one more test for them.

I Am Your Brother Scene


  • How did the brothers feel when Joseph accused Benjamin of stealing the cup?
  • What was Joseph testing?
  • How do you think the brothers felt when they realised it was Joseph?


The brothers were actually pretty scared when they realised it was Joseph. The brother that they sold was now a very powerful man and could have had them all killed. But Joseph loved them and he forgave them! In fact Joseph told all his brothers to bring their families to Egypt so that he could keep them safe and feed them in the famine. And they did! 


Joseph also said to his brothers, "As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today."


God took something that was bad and used it for good. He not only saved Joseph but all of Joseph's family and the people of Egypt. God's promise to keep his people was kept. Not only that but from this family would come another rescuer, Jesus Christ.



Joseph story recap!

In case you missed any of the story or want a recap on what happened watch below!


  • Look up the definition for the word "forgive"  and "rescue". Do you find forgiving others easy? Can you think of any other words that mean the same as rescue?
  • Why don't you retell the story  - you could act it out with these stick puppets (see below), draw a comic strip or video yourself telling the story.
  • Complete the Joseph colouring page