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Step 1


Times Table Focus - x5

15 minutes Mathletics

5 minutes Times Table Rock Stars


10 minutes mental maths activity - Topmarks Daily 10

Each day work through the Daily 10 activity from Topmarks. Click on the link below, then select the level, topic and time interval you are going to go use. Write your answers in your work book. If you feel like you can move on through the levels, make sure you challenge yourself or change the length of your intervals!







Monday 11th

We are focusing on identifying and recognising right angles in your home. The page below shows you how to make your table but an easy way to make a right angle checker is to rip the corner off a piece of paper, you can then place this against things like the corner of your table or the edge of a window to check if it is a right angle.


*Challenge draw 3 acute angles and draw 3 obtuse angles

Friday 15th

Task 1

Today we want you to make an ‘Isolation Monster’ from 3D Shapes you can find around the house. Think about things like tissues boxes for a cube, cereal boxes for a cuboid, Pringles tubes or cans for cylinders. You may even want to draw a net for something like a triangular prism, cut it out and glue it together. Get creative with your 3D shape monster. How many 3D shapes will be in your monster?




Task 2

Complete Friday test