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Step 1

Day 1 - Making 10
Day 2 - Telling the time
Day 3 - Using the online clock

Day 4 - Making a Timetable

Make a timetable of what you are doing or have done today. Think about the activities that you might do and write them down in the order in which you will do them. What time do you think you will do each activity at?


For example:

8.00 Wake up, get dressed, have breakfast.

8.30 Start Elmgrove work

10.00 Have a snack and play outside

Day 5 - Weekly Test and Reflection Time


Weekly Test

Get and adult to test you on Number Bonds to 10. If you know these really well, move on to Number Bonds to 20. 


Reflection Time

What did you learn this week? Make a poster of what you have learned and stick it on your wall!