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Step 2


This week you are revising data handling. You will be using tally marks, frequencies, pictograms and bar charts. 


Data is a collection of information gathered by observation, questioning or measurement.

Data is often organised in tables, graphs or charts for us to investigate and analyse. 


Bar charts are also known as bar graphs.


Remember if you are finding this work too easy, you can try Step 3. Try Step 1 if this work is too tricky. 


Monday's video - How To Use Tally Marks

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Wednesday's video - Creating Bar Graphs

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Friday - Complete your own survey.


For example:

Open a packet of smarties. 

Complete a survey on the colours of smarties in the packet. 

Record you results on the table using tally marks. 

Draw a bar chart to show your results. 


e.g.  red - llll - 4

      blue - ll - 2


Be creative. You can share your work by taking a photograph and sending it to the school Facebook. We would love to see your survey results.