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Step 2


Times Table Focus - x3

15 minutes Mathletics

5 minutes Times Table Rock Stars


10 minutes mental maths activity - Hit the Button

Click on the link below, choose a different area for each day of the week, see how many questions you can answer in one minute. You have 10 mins to complete your mental maths, that gives you time for 10 rounds.


Friday 1st

Design a poster which shows your learning from this week. Your poster must include all the areas we covered this week - multiples, factors, prime, composite, square, cube and triangular numbers. You can use a computer or paper and pen to show what you have learnt this week. You might want to include a definition of each term and then some examples. Why not add pictures? Have you a way to remember a number? include that too. Be creative and show us everything you know about number patterns, relationships and sequences!


Complete Friday Test.