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Step 2


Phonics - ay sound
Draw all the things you found with the ay sound.



Watch PowerPoint on to, too, two and complete worksheet


Independent Writing - An Alternative Ending to The Enormous Turnip

Who would you ask to help you pull the enormous turnip from the vegetable patch? 

Could you retell the story to your family using the stick puppets but change the ending to make it your own?

Start changing the story at:

The little old man pulled, and pulled. and pulled, but still the turnip wouldn’t budge. 

Using the stick puppets or members of your family, can you tell your version of the story? Remember that fairy tales always end with: and they lived happily ever after.

You could make a video of your story and send it to us!


Comprehension - The Enormous Turnip

Read the story with appropriate support for your child. 

Ask the children to answer the questions in their books. Encourage your child to use full sentences rather than one or two word answers. Prompt the children to remember their capital letters and full stops. 

They can use the word bank, story and alphabet line to help them.


Handwriting - ot join
Watch the video and do 4 lines of the ot join in your books.

Mrs Kelly's Funday Friday Handwriting Step 2 - ot join 12.6.20