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Step 2


Phonics - igh sound

Draw all the things you found with the igh sound.


Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives

Watch video and then try to write some sentences using a noun, a verb and an adjective?

Year 3- Verbs, nouns, adjectives


Independent Writing - My P3 Year

Next to each picture (from step 1) can you write one exciting adjective?

Look at mine to help you, I've coloured mine in pink so you can see them. 


Comprehension - Celebrating the NHS

Read the text with your child. Support them as necessary - encourage them to use their phonics to sound unfamiliar words out. 

Talk to your child about the text and read the questions together. Encourage them to complete the task independently.


Handwriting - if join

Copy the if join.

Complete 4 lines of the if join in your exercise book.

Mrs Kelly's Funday Friday Handwriting Lesson Step 2 if join WB 22.6.20