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Step 3


**Read the teaching notes for more help with this week's numeracy lessons. An adult can read these notes to you.**


If you get stuck on a question, ask an adult to help you. Step 2 might better if you find this work too challenging.


Memory aid:

To remember the name of each axis:

"Wise Up" = Y is up

The y-axis is the vertical line (up and down). The x-axis is the horizontal line (side to side). 


Writing coordinates:

We write the number on the x-axis first (horizontal line), followed by the number on the y-axis (vertical line). The two numbers must be in brackets. e.g. the coordinate (4,2) means we go along 4 spaces, then up 2 spaces 


Memory aid:

"Go along the corridor, then up the stairs"

Say this sentence as you find and write the coordinates.