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Step 3


This week you are revising your times tables and practising some of the multiplication strategies that we have used this year. 


Spending more time on Times Tables Rock Stars this week will help you with the written work too! 


Remember if you are finding this work too tricky, you can try Step 2.


Mental Maths - all week

Times Tables Poster

Monday - Multiplication by Repeated Addition

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Tuesday - Multiplying by 10 and 100

In this video we are looking at multiplying whole numbers by 10 and 100. We use a place value slider to show how digits move one column to the left when mult...

Wednesday - Beginner c Short Multiplication 1

Explaining how to use the column method for short multiplication.

Multiplication Wheels

Practice multiplication facts with these fun printable multiplication wheels. Great for math centers! Grab the printable here: