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Step 3

This week you will be completing some fun maths activities to revise some of the topics that you have been learning at home. You will be completing colouring pictures, puzzles and using your maths skills to crack the codes. 

You might find the fractions page challenging (page 11). You can skip this if it is too tricky. 


You will need colouring pencils or crayons this week. 


In September, you will be moving into Primary 6. You must learn your times tables off by heart to be prepared for your new, P6 work. Times Tables Rock Stars is a fantastic way for you to keep up your amazing speed and accuracy. You will be able to use TTRS over the summer months. 


The activity pages below can also be used. 


You have learned your times tables in this order, starting from the easiest to the most difficult:

x2 x5 x10

x3 x4

x8 x6

x7 x9

x11 x12


If you are finding the Ultimate Times Tables pages too challenging, try Step 2 for activities to revise each set of times tables separately. 


e.g.  2-Times-Table Activity-Sheet

      5-Times-Table Activity-Sheet

     10-Times-Table Activity-Sheet    etc.