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Step 3


Times Table Focus - x4

15 minutes Mathletics

5 minutes Times Table Rock Stars


10 minutes mental maths activity - Guardians, Defenders of Mathematica

This resources allows you to create your own character and game and take them on a mathematical mission including the Addition and Subtractions Shire, Palace of Place Value, Dark Tower of Division and the Swamp of Statistics.


Click on the link below, select new game and then create your character. You will be able to earn equipment for your character when you complete a battle. Each day you can either start a new game or go into your existing game and select a new battle to go on. 


Thursday 7th

Draw a decision tree to sort the following 3D shapes



Think about the questions you can use to sort the data, talk about the faces, vertices, edges.

Friday 8th

Task 1

Your job is to collect data and show it in a table and then to use the data to draw a graph. You can choose with a line graph, bar chart or pie chart. Examples might be a line graph showing the forecast temperatures for next week, a bar chart showing the contents of the fridge, a pie chart showing the favourite tv genres in the house. You should write a minimum of 5 statements about their graph, e.g. 40% of the fridge was dairy contents, the most reoccurring item in the fridge was fruit, 1/10 of the fridge was meat.


Friday Test

Complete x4 tables